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Dan is a brilliant sales person – not only is he passionate and driven, his discipline ensures almost everything he touches turns into gold. Never complacent, he’s open to new ideas and concepts. A results-focused performer with a sense of humor – I highly recommend Dan the man!

Dawn Lim, Head, Cyber Security Centre, ST Electronics – Asia

“I have worked indirectly with Dan for many years and he’s a great addition to any team. He’s a solid sales person that really focuses not only on the sale, but the delivery of quality to the client. I’ve seen him bring in some really impressive deals and build some great client relationships which is testament to his talent.”

Desiree Tung, Deputy Director, Energy Market Authority (EMA; SG Govt), Singapore

“Dan is more than a good salesperson. He is always generous with his time when I needed guidance or advice. In the one year we worked together, Dan taught me many key lessons and showed me how easy sales can be with some structure and discipline. Without the training and his support, I wouldn’t have survived so long and so well.”

Kelly Ng, Senior Journalist & Former Sales Rep, FutureGov magazine, Alphabet Media Pte Ltd

“Dan and I worked together during my time at IQPC. Within the sponsorship team, Dan was always one of the most outstanding sales people. A highly skilled sales person, Dan was always able to deliver exceptional results regardless of the product he was working on. With his skill sets, I have no doubt Dan will be an excellent asset to any organization looking for a top notch sales individual.”

JinWei Toh, Managing Director Asia, GroupM Sports & Entertainment

“Dan worked on one of my Energy conferences as the Sponsorship Sales Manager. He is an excellent salesperson and works well with the conference producers, especially in forwarding relevant ideas and topics that can help in generation of Sponsorship dollars. Dan is great to collaborate with and can produce impressive sponsorship deals due to his dedication and hard work. I would certainly recommend him as someone who can ‘hunt down SpEx deals.”

Elly Kreijkes-Snijders, Global Programme Director at Clarion Events Ltd

“Dan is a great sales person with an eye for detail. He is persistent, hard working and always delivers exceptional customer service to his clients.”

Andrew Thake, Conference Director at Mines & Money

Dan took charge of our sponsorship arrangements for a Defense show in India. From a client (sponsor) perspective, he is professional, hard-working and very reliable, especially when our team had questions and/or timelines to meet. Highly personable and easy to work with, I would definitely recommend Dan to handle your sponsorship needs.

Glenn Coleman, Director Asia Business Development, Raytheon

I had the pleasure and good fortune to work with Dan at an event I created in Singapore, Celebrate Canada 2005. Dan designed and implemented our sponsorship program that funded the entire event resulting in a surplus! He is one those team members that gets the job done!

Anthony Toffoli, Managing Director, Anthony Toffoli & Associates